Holy Toledo Industrial Stool!

We welcome some additions from the Toledo Metal Furniture Company to our Industrial Range and our store.

Toledo Adjustable Height Industrial Stool

Toledo Adjustable Height Industrial Stool

What was eventually incorporated as the Toledo Metal Furniture Comapny, started out as the humble Uhl’s Cycle Emporium in Toledo Ohio in 1898. The Uhl brothers founded the company on $85, producing bicycle parts for their local area.

As the popularity of bicycles decreased with the introduction of the Automobile, the Uhl’s shifted their company focus to manufacturing ice cream parlour furniture. By 1920, capital stock reached upwards of $300,000 and there were over 150 employees in the company. With this growth, their range also had increased to include office and classroom furniture.

We are happy to have the Toledo Industrial Stool also known as the Draftsmen stool in our store. We have it in 2 colourways seen below.

Toledo Stool Black

Toledo Industrial Stool in Black

Toledo Industrial Stool in White

Toledo Industrial Stool in White

These 2 additions to our store expand on our Industrial bar stool range that have been extremely popular in the last few months. They have a swivel seat and are height adjustable from 65cm – 77 cm high, and the backrest is also height adjustable. Visit our store to see more: http://www.stoolsandchairs.com.au 

Decorating Your House and Chairs This Christmas

With the Christmas and holiday season quickly approaching, we discover some fun and cheap ways to refresh your dining table and chairs to spread some holiday cheer.


Check out the article we have on our website describing a couple ways to spice up your party area this christmas!



Click now for ideas! http://www.stoolsandchairs.com.au/decorating-chairs/

Rustic Dining Table pairs with Bentwood Chairs

One of our customers sent in some images of their beautiful custom dining table paired with our Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair in Black. The dining table uses recycled timbers salvaged from old farmhouses in the customers country of origin, Latvia. It was custom designed by her (what talent!) before it was sent over to Adelaide, Australia to get stained and treated before finally making it to her home in Melbourne, Victoria. We are seriously loving the look of the table, combined with the clean aesthetics of the Bentwood chair on a white canvas that is her home. Take a look for yourself

Splash of industrial with the Tolix Chairs and Reclaimed Timber Dining table in a modern household

Delightful contrast colours combines the natural warm timbers, black bentwood chairs on a white canvas.

Charles and Ray Eames DCW

We’ve been eyeing the beautiful Charles and Ray Eames DCW (Dining Char Wood) for quite some time now and are super excited that it’ll be in stock and for the lowest price in Australia any day now. We are just waiting for the stock to arrive. In the meantime please enjoy the beautiful design photos that incorporate the Charles and Ray Eames DCW into their household.

Charles and Ray Eames DCW Dining Setting

Charles and Ray Eames DCW Dining Setting

Charles and Ray Eames Dining Setting

Charles and Ray Eames Dining Setting

The 1960s Furniture Style

Call it an obsession of Mad Men, or a result of my parents being from the 60s era, but I have grown an affinity to 1960’s Furniture style.

The 60s was an innovative period, not just in terms of the world where we saw the younger generation in the period starting to rebel against long standing traditions in society. We saw this rebellion in all forms, including Andy Warhol’s famous artworks, the Beatles becoming popular in the US redefining music, and also Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk on the moon.

These attitudes also translated to the furniture in everyone’s household with colour palettes being inspired by the Hippie Era, nature inspired greens, golds, yellow and orange. Styles were mixing the clean lines of Scandinavian contemporary pieces with the newer materials metal, glass, wood and PVC.

We will soon be launching some products that are inspired from this era. Until then, here are some great photos showing insight into the era.

60s lounge Danish Design was prolific throughout the 60s

60s living area

Bright natural tones saturate households. Space-age inspired fireplace 

60s bathroomNatural yellow hues decorate a bathroom

60s loungeScandinavian contemporary designs and clean lines

Mismatched Textures

We stumbled upon this photo on the weekend showing mismatched textures all throughout the room but working seamlessly together to create a calm and beautiful dining area. The soft linens on the table are warmly complemented by the Danish designed Wishbone Chairs. The Wishbone Chair – which have a Chinese inspired design – combine with the browns of the wicker basket and lighting. Just divine! Get the look – click the image!

wishbone chair setting

Lower Prices on our Provincial Crossback Chairs – under $100!

We here at Stools & Chairs really believe in bringing the Australian customer the best quality lowest priced furniture. We review our prices on our products daily and if we believe we can offer a better deal, we will! We have reduced the price on our popular Provincial Crossback Chairs to under $100 each! As of the time of writing, our White and Black chairs are currently on backorder till the end of April, but the rest are available. They come shipped in a box of 2, but if you want to mix and match colours, just email myself or Sales and we will sort it out for you =)