Comparing Provincial Furniture

So last week we had introduced some new colours to an old favourite product, the Provincial Breakfast Stools. Firstly, I’d like to add that we have a new addition to the family, which comes in the colour White! Our breakfast stools have been very popular and we have had a lot of requests to get these stools in other colours so here it is!

White Provincial Breakfast Stool

White Provincial Breakfast Stool

Now to the main point of this post, I’d like to show you the differences in our stools and some of our competitors on the markets. Especially when it comes to the coloured stools. Our natural and brown stools are made from a  hardwood oak. Our black and white stools are made from birch wood. The reason behind this is due to the nature and physical appearance of each wood.

Oak is a beautiful hardwood, with a strong underlying grain. This is a majority of its appeal, and for naturally stained or brown stained stools, we want to show this off. Birch is also a hardwood and is closely related to the Oak family. Birch is finer grained and paler in colour, and as such, takes colour paint a lot better than other woods (trust me, we experimented with different woods!). With birch, the paint settles smoothly and evenly with little interference with the paint itself.

Onward to staining/colouring. I’ve included a picture of a close up of joints of a stool. When the product is sprayed with the colour, you have an uneven finish around the joints. This is because the colour cannot get into all the small joints of the stool. Alternatively, you can stain every piece of wood involved in the process. This takes a lot longer as staining and drying time is required, although you are left with a far more even stain, and a better looking product overall.

Stain vs Spray On Colour

Note the difference in a Stain (bottom) and a spray on colour (top)

Also, as you may recall in my last post, I talked about the rustic finish and patina of certain provincial products that is quite a desired look. Our rattan seating has been treated and brushed with a black finish to emulate this look instead of the synthetic look you get from a clean finished rattan seat top. I hope the photo below can illustrate the differences.

Breakfast Stools Patina

Stools & Chairs Provincial Breakfast Stools are finished with a black wash on the rattan seat giving it the aged look

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