Not all Tolix’s are Created Equal

We have recently sold out of our Silver and White Replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chairs. While this was definitely overwhelming for a company that is still very young, our team had anticipated the demand (although not this quickly!). When we first brought in the Tolix line, we visited as many shops we could. Researched every single possible online store that delivers. The result? We came up with the highest quality furniture including the Tolix Chair, at the lowest price possible, beating all other competitors, with a great chair under $69. A few other online furniture companies came close, but on further inspection we realised how they got their prices lower.

Have a look at a comparison photo, out of courtesy to our competitors, I won’t be revealing who it is, but no prizes for guessing the quality that is synonymous with Stools & Chairs.

tolix compare

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